Разборка водяной помпы bmw 316i m43

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07.02.2017 Steven Jones

Looks like the upgraded model with metal rear blades. Earlier model had plastic blades and it was a nightmare to get out.

05.02.2017 Gorz627

The bolt on my water pump broke, any suggestions? It was the first one that you pointed to where would i even find replacement bolt?

02.02.2017 sharon Birch

Why is ther little hole on engine a the side behide the water pump i have water comeing out off it

31.01.2017 fqlynx

Might be easier to follow tis. There are two threaded holes on the either side of the pump. Insert the correct size bolts in there and keep tightening. The engine has a flat surface on which those bolts will push against they re designed to take the pressure and this gently pushes out the pump. You don t need a crow bar or hammer!

28.01.2017 Joseph O Sullivan

Yeah you need to read the workshop manual. Even the haynes mentions using bolts to ease the pump out. That method is likely to damage something. Plus you don t need to remove the radiator using the bolts d

25.01.2017 Hendrik de Vries

I have experienced the water pump actually breaking when i used the push bolts method. So if it breaks you could still use this method

23.01.2017 Val Cherniak

Thank you! After i ve broke upper mounting part of water pump, following the bentley repair manual procedure, your method helped when nothing else worked. I ve used wooden block between crowbar and block, to protect the engine, worked as a charm!

21.01.2017 squeeezebox squeeezebox

Used full force of my crow bar with wood to prevent damaging the block, no chance, pump is not moving at all. Any other tool that can be used for this? Some kind of puller maybe?

20.01.2017 Jim Paredes


18.01.2017 Chris Valek

What bolts do you use to ease pump out of ti

17.01.2017 kevin o'keefe

Guys, after having trouble getting my pump out, i sought after some advice from a local mechanic who was kind enough to tell me, do use the bolts like the haynes manual and other people suggest but only screw the bolts in until theres a bit of presure then tap the pump on each side with a hammer until you feel a little bit of release then screw them in a little bit more and repeat the guy actually told me not to be shy with the hammer and i ended up snapping the pump inside the block and ended up hab ving to get a hack saw blade and cut an incision to get it out and the plastic propeller was broke in pieces inside aswell, so be patient guys!

15.01.2017 Alan Pettai

Duuuude how did u remove the visko clutch?

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