Разборка принтера hp laserjet p2050

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12.07.2017 HawK Haze

My printer p w makes grinding noise! !

09.07.2017 Ahmed Ali


07.07.2017 Fizah Fizah

My paper stuck at printer. . . With thick paper. . .

04.07.2017 shari pakistan

Thanks a lot. Really helping

01.07.2017 Maithily m

Saved my life.

29.06.2017 Martial Achie

Et la version franaise

26.06.2017 harish chowdary

Thank you so much

24.06.2017 Teelit

This is useful. Thx! ! !

22.06.2017 Burned Frozen

All i needed to do was unplug the power for thirty seconds an the printer worked just fine. I have owned the hp for over two years and still going strong. Thank you.

20.06.2017 Gouda Patil

Super brother


What problem can be for image printing


What problem can be for double lines

15.06.2017 Shivaji Avs

Vry useful tqsm. . . .

13.06.2017 tyler bagins

Bless you. . .

12.06.2017 joan oscorp

Thank you, saved my and my printer s life

09.06.2017 Sara Stone

My printer is making a weird noise after i removed a jammed paper. I need your help please

08.06.2017 Surinder Singh

Thanks a lot!

06.06.2017 Surinder Singh

This video was very helpful for me. I removed the stuck paper from my printer.

04.06.2017 Rawan Yasser

Thank you so much! You saved my lifee

03.06.2017 Uma Manjunath

Thnx! A lot

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