Разборка htc hd7

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12.09.2017 TheCrazierBW

I had heard that there was a way to change the internal memory to gb but it required a system wipe. . . Any way to back up the data and switch it into the new gb once the firmware is reset to accommodate the bigger card?

10.09.2017 Imran Khan

Nice video sir. . I have htc hd my lcd is not damaged but pone s earpiece is not working properly how to replace it


Thts easy do just take it apart from the back and the top earpiece is a replaceble part order it from ebay or go to a pro to get it done

07.09.2017 Ngo Thanh Nhan

He s try to make some impressive stuff.

06.09.2017 jerome parmantier

At what is this cable because when i disassemble my phone this cable is very hard to take off and i lost a little bar on the .

04.09.2017 Mike Decker

Would have been a perfect video if he had explained things as he did them rather than play that horrendous music.

02.09.2017 TheMint12001

Looks like she he destroyed that phone beyond repair! ! ! ! !

01.09.2017 MrMemphistiger

As far as disassembly its pretty easy until you get to the part of actually removing the damn digitizer. I broke the digitizer attempting to remove it but that was the part i was replacing anyway. It is very easy to fawk up this phone attempting this repair. I used a hairdryer and heated the hell out of the display and the f king glue was still tough as hell!

31.08.2017 MrMemphistiger

I also used a very small amount of crazy glue to keep the digitizer in place. You will need some type of adhesive.

29.08.2017 MrMemphistiger

For the love of god. . If you are trying to replace the screen itself on this phone you will fail miserably. You will crack the digitizer. Purchase the pair lcd with digitizer.

27.08.2017 hellaflush 12

Question is this phone still worth fixing and how much estimate will it cost to get it repaired withe the glass screen and the digitizer

26.08.2017 Andeez28

Where can i send my phone to get the touch digitizer replaced?

24.08.2017 Mieczyslaw Krol

Too late

23.08.2017 Kostya Bar.

Sad story bro, happend to me also but there are cables for sale you just got to buy one, dont throw the phone yet p

20.08.2017 steveoski111

Thos music is absolutely terrible! !

17.08.2017 Adetola Sadiku

Don t worry about the music. This instruction helped me repair the broken screen on my phone though. Thanks.

15.08.2017 MazdaRX7TypeRX

What s the remix called of this song on this video, i know the song is called nothing is gonna change my love for you by paul brugel

14.08.2017 Robinsonlol1

I love you.

13.08.2017 jesse hill


10.08.2017 Ivan Sanchez

Ok guys. . . Lets hold hands to each other and lets thank god youtube for the mute button. Great video by the way. . . .

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