Разборка asus u36jc

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18.01.2017 Stu G

Thanks heaps you helped solve a problem with my u s and with good music to boot. Without seeing your vid i had already got the same ssd. Very cool.

16.01.2017 Luca Zeffiro

Glad it was useful to you. If you like the song check out awolnation people

14.01.2017 Jonathan Gromark

Lost connection to my keyboard looking at this unfortunately because i dont understand how to connect it again and this video does not clearly show how to do it

13.01.2017 Luca Zeffiro

For the one of you that have problems disconnecting and or reconnecting the many flat cables such as the keyboard and usb ones, make sure to pull the small plastic bracket you find on the edge of the connector before either inserting or pulling out the cable. This way the cable will get loose and pull out more easilly. You can help yourself with a small flat screwdriver to pull the brackets as they re usually pretty tough to move.

11.01.2017 Rasool Malekinejad

Thanks! This helped me clean the laptop fan!

08.01.2017 Przemek

Hey. Nice tutorial. But it seems that you use hard drive with data sata iii interface. As far as i know asus u jc has sata or sata ii interface on motherboard.

06.01.2017 Przemek

Sorry, wrong model number

03.01.2017 Saul Slendamann

Thank you very much for this video. It helped me out so much!

01.01.2017 crysmanowicz

What is please the correct ssd size casing as replacement for the original hdd? I know there are at least common types distinct in dimensions. I know i am able to find out myself, but why not to ask it s easier thanks!

30.12.2016 David Szeto

Thanks for this! Replaced my dead hard drive with an ssd and everythings all good now.

27.12.2016 KvX

Hi, i have one question and please give me answer so do i have and i can remove motherboard to clean processor from old thermal paste or it is impossible?

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