Разборка задней двери volkswagen jetta

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18.02.2017 asusreviews

In russia, you don t fix car. Car fixes you!

17.02.2017 bara moso

Eto ang malupet total wreck na naayos pa.

16.02.2017 Jose luis Serrano

Detectar idioma ingls espaol ingls good job friend greetings from mexico excuse the tool to pull the car that is a goat shelf i am interested to know i am someone who does the same job and therefore i always see videos to learn more greetings compartir esta traduccinsmscorreo electrnicowhatsapptwittergoogle historialdestacadas mejora las traducciones haz bsquedas sin usar el teclado di traduce amor al francs con la aplicacin de google. Noprueba la aplicacin habla con alguien en otro idioma. Noprueba la aplicacin tocar para traducir ahora, el traductor de google funciona en cualquier aplicacin. Noprobar

14.02.2017 Adam Hawkins

Why didn t you put body filler?

12.02.2017 Doctor Wells AutoBody Repair Shop

Arthur tussik im speaking from trinidad i am one of your subscribers and i love you so much continue the work bro

10.02.2017 jason smith

Wow you work fast

08.02.2017 T I


05.02.2017 Geraldo Rubens Barbosa Barbosa

Very good.

02.02.2017 Mihhail Ivanov


31.01.2017 Mihhail Ivanov

Пиши сколько время уходит на тачку. Ок.

29.01.2017 حسام حسام

Hello arthur tussik

26.01.2017 swrnc

Great job arthur, but how did you tie the car down to the floor for your pulls? ? ? Came out awesome!

25.01.2017 misael martinez

Eres chingn en tu trabajo saludos desde mxico

23.01.2017 Jerry2259 1820

А как подкрылок себя чувствует?

22.01.2017 Rick James

That s impressive.

20.01.2017 Fernando Mera

Hi athur i m always watching your video and i love the way you do, i want to learn more about how to repair major damages. . . Or can you train me. . If posible

17.01.2017 нурлан нурлан


15.01.2017 denchik25rus


12.01.2017 Richie Gillum

I started watching this out of curiosity, then i could not stop watching. Incredible. Looks awesome! !

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