Разборка внешний жсткий диск toshiba hddr640e04x

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20.02.2017 JIM Henson

Hey thank you very much. . . . . . This was very helpful. . . . .

18.02.2017 David Weldon

Extremely useful! ! ! ! Thanks! !

16.02.2017 Adam Warlock

Thank you! I have a tb toshiba canvio basics . That had a weak i m being generous, here adapter board, which apparently broke, so it would no longer connect to my pc. Toshiba supposedly has a year manufacturer s warranty, yet when i go to their support site they again, supposedly claim to not be able to find a match between my p n s n, even though they have a several pictures of the same exact hd on their site. If it weren t for you, i would ve had no idea the adapter board was hooked to a sata connection. Sorry for the rant, but thanks again!

13.02.2017 TheSandwichMakr

I got a broken one from someone. I tried this for about ten seconds then i just sawed the thing open. At least i can salvage the satausb board if i don t figure out how to fix the hard drive.

11.02.2017 SKyZoom

If i shake my hard drive it make strange noises. . .

10.02.2017 Romain Costa

Thanks mate! D

07.02.2017 MarHutchy

Thank you! ! ! ! !

06.02.2017 Nico Van T Dack

I want to replace mine cuse it has terrabyte of storage

04.02.2017 Desiree Lavoy

Thank you! ! ! !

02.02.2017 Sasha zabyv

This hard drive sucks ass

31.01.2017 Frank210210

Thanks a lot!

28.01.2017 Austin Storm

Very helpful, thank you.

27.01.2017 Sérgio Douglas

Nice job. Thanks.

24.01.2017 sarath dhandapani

Thank you so much for doing this video!

22.01.2017 matt

Awesome thank you man

20.01.2017 Giovanni Mejia Santana

Thank you, now i don t have yo buy an enclouser

18.01.2017 TourAbsurd

Still useful, all these years later. Thanks, man!

16.01.2017 Ian Warner

Thanks so muchfor posting this video! ! ! ! I found out my macbook pro hd cable needs replacing, not the hd! ! !

14.01.2017 Glen Cooper

Thanks, this worked perfectly on my hddr e x.

13.01.2017 Taizo Nakamura

I could rescue my data which is no backup getting hdd inside. Thank you for uploading your helpful video! !

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