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06.02.2017 mine trutle

Thank you thank you so much d

04.02.2017 EiyreAnthonyEaston

Worked. I forgot about the reset button and just panicked. Hahaha. Thanks

02.02.2017 Jeremy Acosta

How about lenovo a ?

01.02.2017 Kawal Fahad

Dear i want to ask you that i have a lenovo tablet same like you have, i have the problem that my tablet is trun into slightly black shade on the screen i can see everything on the screen but brightness i get dull i have checked the brightness is full but the screen is still dull please tell me what can i do please my name is kawal.

31.01.2017 sudha narreddy

Thanks it is working now

29.01.2017 Donn Jerico Belmonte

Omg thanks! Didn t know that there is a reset button.

26.01.2017 Sandra Bonnit Canis

Why my tablet cant reset when i click with pencil the reset button

24.01.2017 Typical Gamer


22.01.2017 anas Shekh othman

I have not reset button

20.01.2017 Felipe ramires

Q modelo es esa lenovo

18.01.2017 Josh Steel

Omg thank you

16.01.2017 Artis

How hard should i push it? And it is stuck on lenovo for those who do screen and won t shut down what should i do?

15.01.2017 Artis

How hard should i push it? It s now stuck on the lenovo for those who do screen and won t shut down. Should i charge it or not?

13.01.2017 Hoàng Lâm Trương

Mine says mic

12.01.2017 Jay Evan

It worked for me. . . Thank you so much.

10.01.2017 Meena Singh

This is not working

08.01.2017 Frankie Tolentino

This is the only tablet that does that froze like that and sometimes the damn tablet allways hold a touch by it self like ffs lenovo needs to fix there shit

06.01.2017 Parveen Khatun

What to do when ur charge is and its frozen and dosent take charge?

04.01.2017 JESWIN THOMAS

My is a old model lennova tab. Sim should be inserted at the back. But at back there is no hole pls solve my problem pls pls pls

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