Разборка steyr aug токио маруй

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06.01.2017 LT Smith

Haven t seen one of those jackets in a while where d you get it from?

04.01.2017 Tom Root

Got one of these passed down by my older cousins and it is awesome!

02.01.2017 Ulsterman96

I wish they would re release it with a improved strengthen t foregrip. All other aug a s on the market today are shite.

31.12.2016 Tactical XIII Airsoft

Hi! I have this model but i want to sell it. Can somebody tell me a just price for the aug?

29.12.2016 Franky Ma Boy

How is aug steyr by aps. . . . Score any good? Cause i just ordered one for euros idk did i pass good or what. . . ?

27.12.2016 spencer saysamone

Alright i got one but i need the gear box and a replacement foregrip

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