Разборка шиь т60

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26.08.2017 regazzz

You are welcome!

25.08.2017 larry mc larry

You sir are whiz ! ! ! Thanks, plain and simple, no bullshit about this teardown

23.08.2017 regazzz

Thanks! That was a whole idea! No bullshit! ! !

20.08.2017 henpike711

Great video! My brother owns a t . Dropped it. The chassis is cracked. The screen hinges are bent and the cooling fan is damaged. Was thinking of buying a used t cheap on ebay just for parts. Bucks. I m basically taking the guts out of his t and replacing them into shell of the t i buy on ebay. One thing, he does have a dedicated video card. The t that i buy on ebay, will that system need to have a dedicated video card as well, or should that not make a difference? .

18.08.2017 regazzz

You may look for exact part number, same as yours and in this case there will be no guessing.

13.08.2017 Liang Pan

By the way. How did you solve the screw at ?

10.08.2017 Liang Yang

Great! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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