Разборка мерседеса 230

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13.08.2017 Gjarbooo

Thanks for your help i had a lot of problems with it hahaha

12.08.2017 Jayant Ogale

Hi, please let me know where this tool is avilable.

10.08.2017 john pshitek

Can u believe i broke those off of cars when a kid? Im going to hell

08.08.2017 DJ Bigstage

Thanks buddy, some pipo keep on breaking mine.

05.08.2017 Clorox Bathroom Spray

How much cost that star

04.08.2017 Devon35

Some lovely person pulled mine off

01.08.2017 Derekthedoctor Hatfield

Superb so helpful and saves money we purchased the emblem from eby . Free post just check your logbook for correct version.

30.07.2017 J W

Its a fuckin c class, hardly even deserves an emblem

28.07.2017 Eric White

Thx for video. Very helpful

26.07.2017 sagir carpenter

Mine was loose and messed up after a paint job. This video helped me figure it out and fix it back properly. Thanks

23.07.2017 exwhyz33

Clear explanation thank you

21.07.2017 Ecurepair Ecuchip

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18.07.2017 SPindustries1

Some shit human being ripped mine off today. . . Christmas eve. Why are there so many scumbags in this world? Any thanks for the video.

17.07.2017 Eugeniu Morari

Can you help me? Can i install this emblem on mercedes c s ?

15.07.2017 Christian Weiffen

Nice. Easy.

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