Разборка картриджа canon l11121e

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10.02.2017 IRFAN MANSURI

Pls. Explain your alternate way

09.02.2017 abdul rashid

I try to pull the refilling box from the right side. . . . . Without the need to unlock the inner pin.

06.02.2017 Александр Л

Свет нужно было выключит и снимать в тёмной комнате! Тогда ты всё было бы виднее! ! !

05.02.2017 John T

Thanks for posting this. I like that you point rather than giving some long winded explanation of what you are doing. It is a shame much of it is off camera although i know it is hard to film and work at the same time. Was the filling successful? Did it work ok?

03.02.2017 Ринат Таирбергенов

Всё очень плохо видно. . . .

01.02.2017 Ron Wilson

A good job to perform on the wife s antique white lace tablecloth. D oh!

30.01.2017 Alin Catana

Thanks a lot! I refilled my cartridge from my canon lbp today watching your video. Good luck!

29.01.2017 Never Mind

Video how it isn t necessary to do

26.01.2017 Govind Yes

I thing, this is not clear one

23.01.2017 sdnsiluman1tasikkota

Nice video. . ! But, how about electric connectivity?

22.01.2017 Chetan Chauhan

Very disturbing way to learn. . . Not like

20.01.2017 Darko Hresic

Nice video!

18.01.2017 Prabhat Charolia

Bad video camera not place right position. . .

16.01.2017 mamu kanani

Does the toner cartridge have a chip? Messy way to do it. . . . Could have been nice clean. . . Thanks anyway

15.01.2017 Justbake Hydrabhad

Its not clear at all

12.01.2017 SURATHU KIRAN

Hii, i have a canon lbp printer. There is a problem in quality of print, after printing the ink on the photo copy is wiping out as powder, we changed a new cartridge and drum also. Please show a solution for this problem.

10.01.2017 Bishop Pdl

Worst one. Dirtiest idea. May be this is an indian guy d

08.01.2017 Neel patel

Is it really explanation? ? ? ? Its not clear. . . .

06.01.2017 salvo gfsdf

Usa i guantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Bestiaaaaaaa! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

04.01.2017 sainath bankala

Super helpful refilling vidioes brother

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