Разборка hp officejet 7000

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22.08.2017 1enoykcul

Cityink always uses the outdated chips for the cartridges, in their videos and pretend that it s no problem but the new not so new actually ink chips are built designed break embedded into cartridge. City ink always avoids mentioning this in their videos, also hp designs their software or hardware to turn off your cartridge from working after so many pages. City ink doesn t mention this eather. Hp will give you some bogus malfunction warning and your screwed. Totally illegal but hp does it

20.08.2017 cityinkexpress

Actually you are totally wrong we dont sell this model without chips so we dont know what you are talking about as our chips are already mounted and dont do what you say perhaps you are actually using original chips which would give those issues but they are not our chips for sure please be sure of comments before posting

18.08.2017 cityinkexpress

Also you have never purchased from us as we dont ship to the states for this item how can you comment on a product you have not purchased! ! !

15.08.2017 Josephat Njoroge

Refer to this

14.08.2017 KimberlyRae Forde

What s the link to your store. . . ?

12.08.2017 Issa Mahmoud

You must print a paper to see ur ciss functionality. . .

11.08.2017 HARERONES

This impresora prints shone the tracing paper?

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