Разборка автомобилей в москве мерседес 220

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06.02.2017 The Stiver

Damn i did the same thing except with the instrument cluster unplugged, i even knew that will throw an srs light but wasnt thinking. Just like you said, the second i turned the key, i went oh wait, oh crap. . . . Yeah. Oh well. I just took the bulb out, no more srs light

05.02.2017 KingStivan

What i need from this video ended at the min mark p i need to replace the cruse control arm only thanks

04.02.2017 Baerchenization

What s the worry? Airbags are designed to blow up in your face

01.02.2017 Screenguy3

Was there a metal ring behind the signal switch around the steering shaft? I have an odd noise issue sometimes, it sounds like keys are jingling in that area when turning corners, i only have the fob in the ignition. Time for ghost busters? Pulled the wheel off last month and put another clock spring in there thinking it might be the issue. Did not stop. Perhaps it s was the mysterious metal ring? Replaced the worn hex bolt holding the steering wheel on and was wondering if you replaced yours? Think i paid or so dollars off the flea bay shipped. Nice vid.

31.01.2017 laboyga

Left signal works, right one works once in a blue moon but when it works its fine. Rest of the time makes a humming noise right side only. . . . . I don t think i can do the work but do you think its the combo switch needs to be replaced? Some one said, its just electrical contact and clean the contacts? What you think and if it is the contacts, how do i clean them and do you have a video on that. Thanks for your awesome videos and bad your not around in california

30.01.2017 Kristensen

Dammit, i noticed that the indicator stalk that i ordered brand new has a long cable with a wider connector, whilst the one in your video doesn t have a wire at all, but a socket. Why are there two different types? ?

27.01.2017 fajry1

How did you open that head of combination switch? Are you just pull it out and pop out?

26.01.2017 Am Bear

Any idea why the fuse consistently blowing after couple of days of driving? And sometimes it smells burning. Im going nuts cos i cant even find the problem and im just keep replacing the fuse in the fuse box under thr hood.

24.01.2017 Chad Foster

Thank you

21.01.2017 laboyga

I know this comment is not related to the video. I like to ask u question? My c most of the time is running smooth but some times i have hesitations while driving. Car idle is up down, up down. . . . . . . I tried cleaning throttle, like i have seen u suggest. Changed oil and filter. Change air filter. Run it on a hand held diagnostic computer no error codes. Just to be sure air flow sensor opened and looked clean. What do you think my random problem might be? Thank you

20.01.2017 Matt Bishop

Bullshit! ! ! ! Frikkin idiot it is not applicable for an r . . . Next time mak esure befire you mislead people

19.01.2017 tui0jst

St off great instructional video. I have a c . The wiper will work perfect for about to mins and then stop almost in the same place every time on the way back to the park position. If i turn it off and let it rest for an hour or so it will work again. Almost like the motor is over heating and shutting off. Then recently the right turn signal has started acting up. Most of the time if i flip it up like normal it won t work. However, if i gently pull toward me a little and then push up slowly it will work. Do you think these issues are related and also related to the turn signal lever?

17.01.2017 Kyleboy3

My dream is to get subs

14.01.2017 g guerra

Good video my friend, just want to add that the steering wheel for this model of mbenz has to be in the straight position. There is a video out there where the guy turns the wheel in north and south position that wont work on this mbenz model.

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