Разборка автомобилей в москве хонда 2007 2009

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05.02.2017 David Erasmus

Mate! ! ! ! Thanks soo much, really helpful and easy to understand.

03.02.2017 2004mitrovica

Thanks for the video. Easy to understand.

01.02.2017 Mozzy Jones

Huge thanks. I simply have a rattle coming from the speaker area and your video has shown me how to get that darned panel off. Thank you again.

30.01.2017 ron martin Mhg

A good clear instruction video. The fabric covered panels on my city door panels have disintegrated and the fabric is hanging off. How do i remove these panels from the door panels to recover them?

27.01.2017 Yama Nawabi

Awesome video. . . Used this to help replace my girlfriend s fit window. Thanks a lot!

24.01.2017 SS FONG

Hi, possible to have a video to show how to remove the front wheel arch?

22.01.2017 dosmastr

My fit base does not have the screw on top of the speaker.

20.01.2017 Reg Loh

Thank you. .

18.01.2017 Siam Sid

Excellent video thank you.

16.01.2017 WichNeND

Excellent! Thank you!

14.01.2017 Adrian Chen

Hi thinking about doing some sound deadening in my fit. I saw that there s some white foam on the inside of the door panel. What is that? Or what would you recommend?

12.01.2017 User Name

I had to replace my passenger door window after some degenerate smashed it this made getting the panel off a breeze instead of a headache trying to figure out which direction to pull this or that without breaking it. Thank you!

10.01.2017 exwhyz33

Very clear thanks! !

08.01.2017 bislig2alabama

Thanks, going to find a lock cylinder then will replace it. Thanks

05.01.2017 Terry Assary

Nice video. . .

03.01.2017 Jerry Hughes

Thanks for the video, it was sure helpful.

01.01.2017 Howard Ories

Thank you. I was able to replace the passenger side mirror with your help!

30.12.2016 George Wilfred

Very useful to me! ! ! ! Thank you a million! !

29.12.2016 zktube

Nice, thank you!

26.12.2016 Arfix - Ingeniería en Fijación


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